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Top French Architects Tour
 3 Hours 

This Tour is exclusively dedicated to the discovery or observation of some of the most famous French Architects and Urban planners' achievements in Paris over the years.


Let's walk into Viollet Le DucHaussman, Gustave Eiffel, SauvageMallet Stevens,  Auguste Perret, Le Corbusier, Jean Nouvel and more's footsteps and observe their contribution to the beautifying of the City of Lights's enhancement.

An insightful coverage of their architectural visions across Paris and relevant districts.


We end the Tour at an astonishing Parisian's Roof Top's Bar !

Contemporary Buildings  Tour
4 Hours 

This Tour is a 5 hours Shuttle or Private car' Tour as sites are located on a too long walking or public transportation distance one from each other.


Paris is known for its classical and ancient styles Architecture but it's also home for a number of outstanding contemporary constructions.


Mainly dedicated to Arts and Culture, this dozen of buildings are parsed over the City and often at the edges of it.

We don't take you to the over-known la Defense Area or Beaubourg (Pompidou Center) but to the latest and freshly Designed edifices of Paris ! 


We end the Tour at a great trendy Café !

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סיורי ארכיטקטורה בפריז.jpg

Mythical Department stores, Hotels & Palaces, Restaurants Tour

 3 Hours 

This Tour dives you into the most spectacular architectural wonders of Paris !

Paris is the Home of nine prestigious Palaces, four mythical Departments stores and countless legendary Restaurants.

Did you know you could enjoy the most delicate roasted caramelised pop corns in an astonishing Hotel's Movie Theater in Paris ?

Let's walk through the most elegant streets and avenues of Paris and observe the different Architectural periods and styles of famous Hotels & Palaces, Restaurants and outstanding Department Stores.

We end the Tour at a legendary Hotel Bar !

Two centuries of Architecture Tour
From Empire (1800's) to Contemporary Architecture (2000's) 
3 Hours 

This Tour takes you over 200 years of Architecture across several districts of Paris.

We observe and visit famous French Designers' edifices, public and private houses, hotels, Universities and more each of the distinct Architectural periods.

From Pierre Fontaine (1762-1853)'achievements during the "Empire" period up to late 20th Century significant constructions in Paris, you'll learn how to distinguish, Louis Philippe, Haussman, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the successive architectural styles which have made the city we know today. 


We end the Tour at a beautiful 1900' Brasserie!

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סיורי ארכיטקטורה בפריז.jpg

Planning 21st Century in Paris

Urbanization Projects Tour

 5 Hours 

This Tour is a Shuttle or private car Tour (according to number of participants) as projects are spread all over, at edges of and all around Paris.

It's called the " Grand Paris' Project".

Paris is extending its urbanization's planning from North to South, East to West, connecting the two International Airports and suburbs of Ile de France to the heart of the City by brand new Metro and Trains' lines.

Paris as the Metropole of the Ile de France Area is rethinking its environnement and ecological amenities and facilities for a better and healthier future.

We'll get to visit some construction sites (Metro lines and stations digging, new residential areas, public and privates structures and more).

And don't forget : Paris is also home of the Olympic games in 2024 !

We end the Tour in a Green Healthy brand new Café !

Crédit photo : Gérard Rollando

Per district and area Architecture Tour
3 Hours 

Just pick up one or two district(s) Arrondissement(s) out of the 20 districts (arrondissements) of Paris and let me walk you through the streets, avenues, passages, gardens, public and private sites and more.

This walking Tour enables you to go deeper into your Architecture passion.

Each district of Paris bears its own architectural heritage, often mixed up with several famous Architects' master-chief achievements.

According to the area you've picked up, we end the Tour in a typical Parisian café, Bar, Hotel Bar or on an astonishing Roof Top !

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