Sorry to disappoint you but real Parisians don't spend their whole life eating croissants while listening to Edith Piaf hanging out by the Eiffel Tower ! 

Real Parisian  spend a great deal of their free time on cultural activities ! 

In Paris only,  no less than 140 mythical Theaters offering 700 astonishing shows, plays and performances each week !

The city of Paris pours 32 Millions euros to support artistic creation, Theaters and artists.

The city owns some  fifteen prestigious Theaters and venues.

And eachTheater has its own History.


Real Parisians read a lot and love to spend time listening to conferences in the the ancient finest libraries of the City of light, hang out at the endless beautiful book-shops of Paris, attend to festivals, concerts, art galleries, exhibitions and more.

Do you want to live a great cultural Parisian’s experience ?


Let us take you to an exciting half day Tour across the cultural finest spots of the City of Lights !

Get you inside mythical theater halls, learn about the History of these theaters, meet artists and comedians, attend to plays in French, Russian or English !

Walk you through beautiful libraries, bookshops, galleries and more !

Credit Pic : © Avignon Theater Festival's official website